The terms of the Code of conduct of WgC

The Code of conduct has several basic and subsequent terms, which shall be subject to compulsory implementation. There are 7 basic terms!

1 terms

Compliance with the Code of conduct and support of the community

2 terms

Be honest with other community members

3 terms

Involvement of new people, preferably youth

4 terms

It is inadmissible to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and the authorities of any state

5 terms

It is forbidden to engage in political activities

6 terms

Severely punish anyone, when revealing betrayal within the community, regardless of his affiliation or friendly relations

7 terms

Rejection of terrorism in any forms, as well as crimes against humanity on political or religious grounds

Based on the above, the additional terms follow:

It is forbidden to take revenge in an underhanded way; Do not offend any people for fun Pay an annual fee to the Global Fund for information acquisition (according to the current personal financial position) Have respect for seniors. It is forbidden to cheat or steal from the members; It is forbidden to stole anything from anyone without reason; It is forbidden to accuse anyone without evidence; It is forbidden to insult anyone in any way.

Do not have, recognize and accept any authority, state, fatherland, nation, society, religion, party, organization, company, agency or not be included in them; do not recognize and accept any governmental authorities, system, institution, body, constitution and any code of laws, ranks, positions, and any officials; do not participate in political or in public life, do not be interested or interfere in them, do not participate in any socio-political elections, rallies, campaigns, meetings, events and competitions, do not appear on stage, do not give anyone an interview, do not appear before a camera and mass media, do not leave any notifications, announcements and statements; do not help and support the state and society, do not ask for their help and do not seek their support!

Do not be a rapist, a terrorist, a homosexual, a traitor, a drug addict and an alcoholic! Do not be afraid of anyone, do not pray and implore anyone, do not kneel and bow down before anything and anyone, do not repent of anything and anyone; adhere and do not violate the Code of conduct and its terms for the rest of the life!